Why Cheap Vaporizers Don’t Work

What are Vaporizers?

A vaporizer is a device designed to extract desired elements from herbs, such as marijuana or tobacco by heating them to a point where these elements are released as vapor particles, to be eventually consumed by the user. This device which basically has two parts, a main body (where the vaporizing machine is situated and herb fed into) and a pipe/bag for inhaling/storing vapors created by the device.

Research shows that the use of vaporizers eliminates the harmful toxins and carcinogenic substances associated with usual smoking (burning). Since around 1996, researchers started looking into vaporizers; many tests have been conducted by various groups. The result: vaporizers are a safe, healthy andmari effective way of using these plants. It eliminates by over 20%, dangerous elements such as tar, giving the user a flexible and refreshing experience. cheap vaporizers

Many long-time marijuana users writing vaporizer reviews have expressed interest and thankfulness for this invention, among the many features they highlighted its efficiency in “giving more bang for a buck”.

The Three Types of Vaporizers

  • Thermal conduction: This works by supplying heat to the herb through a hot metal on which the herb is placed. As the heat increases, it passes to the herb and desired elements are evaporated. This design featured on some of the first vaporizers in the market and is quite effective, however it is prone to burning your herb.
  • Convection: with convection the herb never touches the heat source. Hot air is released over the surface of the herb rapidly and continuously, as this occurs the heat of the herb increases and the vital elements are released.
  • Thermal Radiation: This system works by placing the herb next to a heat source, such as a light bulb, thermal energy travels from the heat source to the herb and the desired substances are released.

Why Cheap Vaporizers Don’t Work

Armed with this knowledge of how a vaporizer functions, its importance to our health becomes glaringly obvious and we understand why we must get only the best.
There are many types of vaporizers suited to different users, such as portable vaporizers, designed lightly for users on the move. Prices for vaporizers generally vary from 50 – 650 US Dollars.

How much value can we put on health and safety? Here are a couple of reasons why cheap marijuana vaporizers don’t work and why we must stay away from them. If you want quality buds and accessories, you will want read this guide on how to get a weed card in missouri where all will be explained.

For a lot of us money is a ‘touchy’ issue, you raise this topic and our jaw bone stiffens, maybe we are just looking for the cheapest bargain in the market. Here’s a profound lesson a salesman taught.

Every company produces products for a given market, offering the customer just the value of their money (rarely we may be lucky to get a product whose value exceeds its cost). As a rule each company produces accordingly, thus a vaporizer manufacturer creating products to be sold at an average price of 100 US Dollars would endeavor to use materials worth that price in a bid to satisfy the eventual users of the product. Whilst on the other hand the company selling for a cheaper price of 45 – 50 US Dollars would look to cut cost as much as possible in creating the product. Therefore low quality materials are used and important safety measures may be skipped.

Are we satisfied to spend a little extra money and get peace of mind or spend a meager amount but lots of time in worry?

Most cheap vaporizers develop problems with features such as the temperature regulator and display in a short time. Many customers who bought these items had to ship their units back within a few weeks because it just kept on heating too much and destroying the weed. By choosing a cheap vaporizer we inevitably put ourselves at constant risk of burning the herb. The poor temperature regulation of cheap devices has the tendency to whimsically swing heat levels affects the vaporization process, burning it and destroying the tetrehydrocannabinnol (THC), before it gets to the user.

Choosing a cheap vaporizer puts us in even more danger as its safety cannot be guaranteed. The companies who create them are not well known; many customers have complained of inactive warranty service when they had problems with their device, some have not even been able to contact the manufacturer at all. So consider this, what are the chances that the materials used to make these cheap vaporizers are healthy or have been subjected to any safety testing. Heat has the ability to change the state of materials and using heat with a device you are doubtful of is very dangerous, it may release toxic elements from the materials used to make that cheap vaporizer.

One of the best aspects of proper vaporizers is their efficiency. With a properly functioning vaporizer only a little weed is needed to catch that high, because the device effectively extracts as much as possible from each bunch fed in. About twice as much weed would be needed with a cheap vaporizer to catch that same high and it may even burn it to ash or destroy the THC before we get to feel the goodness.

Besides all of these factors, cheap weed vaporizers also usually come in designs that are quite difficult to clean. There is always a risk of destroying the device in an attempt to clean it. And as a rule they do not come with manuals, the ones that do are written unclearly or in foreign languages. Many customers have confessed to accidentally breaking their cheap vaporizers while trying to figure out how to clean them, don’t make this mistake, get a quality vaporizer!

The Vaporizer For You

It is worth the time (for customers who may have to save up money), to wait and get a vaporizer of proper quality, than getting a cheap one you would have to replace in a short time anyway. Let’s take a look at a vaporizer known for its quality, the Volcano.

The Volcano vaporizer has been described as the Mercedes Benz of vaporizers. This sleek device is all one needs for that ideal vaporizer high. Everyone who has ever used it confesses to an irresistible urge to go for another hit. It quickly produces a clean, cool, tasteless vapor that gives a feeling of health as it enters the lungs.

This vaporizer, designed by a German company, Storz & Bickel, comes with a bag with which can be used to conveniently store vapor for use at a more convenient time and the stored vapor tastes just as fresh even after many hours in the bag and it is very easy to get certified for medical cannabis.

This device which is definitely worth its price is a classic example of an item whose cost and quality match. It is built quite strong and, and comes with a digital or analog temperature display and switch, which accurately reads and allows one control heat levels.

The Volcano Vaporizer is ideal for everyone who looks forward to relishing that vaporizer high with a quality, reliable, flexible and easy to use vaporizer.